Remote monitoring and maintenance systems

We are proud to offer remote monitoring and fault diagnosis systems based on specialized equipment that allows you to work on local PLCs from anywhere in the world. We carefully select detailed solutions according to the Client’s requirements. For each individual machine we are able to produce a specialized system of remote supervision of its operation.

The remote monitoring system enables to monitor and operate the selected machine from any location via GSM or the Internet. By installation of a remote monitoring system in the machine, the maintenance costs can be significantly reduced once the machine is sent to the Client. In majority of cases, there is no need to send a service technician.

If, however, a service technician is required, he can go to the machine with detailed knowledge of the occurring fault, so that he can be equipped with the appropriate parts and tools.
Using a remote maintenance system allows to reduce servicing costs by more than 50%.

The offer includes the supply of equipment, software and tools for the service for the manufacturers of machines. We also offer the service provided by our company through the supplied equipment and under maintenance contracts.

Below, one of the production installations with a remote service implemented.

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