Sinumerik are control systems that are widely used in industry. The Siemens proposal is perfect for controlling CNC machines. The manufacturer has opted here for high availability of machines, so the choice of specialists often focuses on Sinumerik systems. If you are looking for a reliable solution, you may select one of the available alternatives.


The Sinumerik 802D sl is a compact numeric control with a high degree of reliability. They are commonly used in devices with up to five axes (including two spindles). The control is used in grinding machines, milling machines, cutters and lathes. The system is distinguished by its straightforward operation using G, DIN/ISO codes and its extremely fault-tolerant wiring. The CF memory card enables fast data entry and the software supports contour formation.


The Sinumerik 840D sl is an outstandingly comprehensive solution. It is suitable for use in lathes, milling and grinding machines. Aids in punching, cutting and laser processing. It is suitable for both wood and glass processing. One can hardly overestimate its capabilities. The system is both flexible and scalable – making it an optimal choice in numerous applications.

This highly efficient system includes integrated software for easy operation and programming. Furthermore, certified safety functions are implemented here, which guarantee the protection of the machine and the personnel working on it. The effectiveness of the security measures may also be easily verified.


Sinumerik 828D is a solution that ensures maximum efficiency and simplicity of programming. The system is employed in lathes and milling machines to ensure excellent turning, milling and drilling. The advantage is also a user-friendly interface and functionality. Through the use of ShopMill and ShopTurn, the shortest possible programming time is achieved. The introduction of new components is not a concern since the system is flexible.


It is advisable to trust Sinumerik systems in order to ensure that the machines function perfectly and that the personnel have maximum safety and is able to perform their duties more easily. Upgrading your company’s existing machine tools and using innovative solutions enables to prevent downtime, ensure efficient operation of the personnel and machines, as well as saving the money that would be required by emergency or obsolete systems.

Sinumerik provides a guarantee of perfect surface finish, precise shape and adequate working progress. This is especially significant in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in the production of all kinds of tools and moulds. Sinumerik systems constitute the perfect solution for various industries.


Modernisation of the control system should be undertaken by professionals who will not make any mistakes during their operations. Modernisation may accelerate machine operation, ensure longer machine life and facilitate the access to spare parts. This is ensured by the introduction of the Sinumerik system.