Our projects

Here are presented our most important, implemented projects.

  • Measurement and visualization system based on Siemens WinCC5.0 in the test station of electric motors for Elektrownia Turów s.a.
  • Visualization and control systems for production lines, all based on Siemens WinCC Flexible system. One of these lines was located in Ukraine. The control system was based on Siemens Simatic S7-300 controllers.
  • Control software (S7-300 controllers) and visualization system (WinCC Flexible on the operator panel) of coal charging machine for Victoria coking plant in Wałbrzych.
    Control system (specialised controllers Schneider SEPAM2000 and PLC SAIA) and visualization in the program Woderware InTouch of high power distribution station for Kopalnia Węgla Brunatnego Turów s.a.
  • Control software, visualization and supervision system in Woderware InTouch for the paper slicer relief system in International Paper Kwidzyn sp. z o.o. The control device is Siemens Simatic S7-400, which is responsible for controlling the entire technological process.
    Modernisation of the industrial laser control system, implemented on Siemens Sinumeric 810D control system
  • Commissioning of the high bay warehouse control system based on Siemens S7-400 and S7-300 controllers.
  • Programming and launching a system of Siemens SINAMICS S120 inverters designed to drive a conveyor belt vehicle in KWB Turów s.a.
  • Siemens Simatic S7-300 PLC software for control and operator panels Siemens Simatic KTP1000 for LV switchgear and ATS control system.
    Modernisation of the control and power cabinet of the tube press. The modernisation included replacing the existing PLC system with a modern Siemens Simatic S7-314 and programming the KTP600 operator panel.
  • Development of the entire software for the control system for liquid tanks. The project involved programming a Siemens Simatic S7-315 PLC controller to control 50 valves and operator panels Siemens Simatic Multi Panel MP377, three Siemens Simatic Multi Panel MP277 and a small Siemens Simatic Multi Panel MP177.
  • We designed, programmed and developed automatic control systems for heating burners for heat and power plants. The control is based on Siemens Simatic S7-1200 PLC and Siemens Simatic KTP1000 operator panels.
  • Modernisation of the control cabinet for the assembly station. Electrical design and software for Logo PLC. The machine has been stopped for 2 days from the commencement of work until its completion.
  • Construction of a modern power supply and control cabinet for lathes. The cabinet was designed and produced entirely by our company. Lenze inverters and Logo programmable logic controller were used. The inverters applied had a power of 38kW and 4kW and were controlled by analog signals from the operator’s desktop.
  • Modernisations of the precision grinder drive system. The former Leonardo system was replaced by a modern DC converter. Many contact elements have been eliminated and the dynamics and efficiency of the drive system have been improved.
  • We constructed a modern welding station for the assembly of cable harnesses.
  • A workstation consisting of a two-axis robot and heater eliminates the necessity to move the blower manually. Stepper motors and a specialized PLC controlling the system were employed.
  • Our programmers developed software for the automatic sheet metal assembly station. The software supports two three-axis robots driven by Siemens Posmo A engines and a system of cylinders and grippers. The station is also equipped with Siemens TP177A control panel. The control system is based on the Siemens Simatic S7-315 PLC with an extensive Profibus network.
  • We modernised the cabinet controlling the production line of an extraordinary risk. For better material distribution, Omron inverters, controlled from the control panel, were installed. We modernised the existing wiring and control cabinet in accordance with the current Ex standards.
  • We modernised the control system of the boiler house with steam boiler. We designed, made and implemented a modern control system supervising the operation of the boiler as well as auxiliary systems, water pump and fuel tank. The advanced control system is based on Siemens Simatic S7-1200 PLC and KTP400 Comfort operator panel.
  • Software of a bulk material packaging machine based on Mitsubishi FX3 control panel and an operating one Delta Electronics DOP

And many, many more …..