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About us



We specialize in designing, programming and commissioning new and used machines, as well as in maintenance in production plants.
We offer professional services in the field of technical consulting, planning, execution and service.

To meet the expectations of our Clients, we offer a comprehensive package of design services; we program and implement complex visualization systems and operator panels.


Consultation on the implementation of new production solutions

designs of automation and control installations

Repair of
machine automation

Design of industrial
automation systems

outsourcing services of programmers and automation specialists

prefabrication of control cabinets

Modernisation of

Implementation of modern control
and supervision solutions

We develop turnkey applications, including commissioning, operator training, as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

We also cooperate as subcontractors with other companies.

They trusted us


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Malfunctions in industrial plants. Avoid them effectively.

More and more often in the industrial processes are used solutions from the field of industrial automation. This fact can be very easily explained. Modern machines that replace personnel with repetitive tasks make fewer mistakes and also work much more efficiently. It...

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Robotisation of production processes is certainly a great facilitation for every entrepreneur. However, it is important not to think that a single robot will be the solution to all the company's challenges. In addition, the implementation of robotisation must be...