Industrial cobot – will it replace robots?

Apr 21, 2020

Industrial robots are undoubtedly the answer to the most varied entrepreneurial needs. Could it be even better? Of course. There is a world of possibilities, and one of the most recent innovations are industrial robots.

The new-generation industrial robots

Cobots are nothing more but improved industrial robots. What are their main advantages? Cobot is programmed in such a manner, that it moves smoothly in the environment of people and actually replaces humans. First and foremost:

  • Industrial cobots are equipped with dedicated sensors, thanks to which the robot is able to monitor the immediate surroundings. This is an invaluable help and a huge advantage when it comes to the safety of employees. If the robot detects a touch of an object or person (for example, due to an impact), it freezes. Additionally, the edges of the robot are covered with soft material and the whole construction is distinguished by its outstanding lightness. Therefore, a cobot is also much easier and less expensive to install;
  • The most up-to-date industrial robots are also equipped with image recognition systems. This is an example of artificial intelligence that will certainly capture the manufacturing market in the future. These robots learn to think and work like employees in their environment.

Third and fourth generation robots

Cobots are third generation industrial robots. At Boston Dymanics, on the other hand, fourth generation robots are already being developed which are supposed to equal human and animal performance in almost every aspect. These are adaptation-controlled atlas robots. Up to now, this robot is successfully handling cartons, even when a person attempts to prevent it. After collapsing, the robot rises again and continues its task.

However, before access to third and fourth generation robots becomes possible for a wide group of customers, it will certainly take some time. Slowly, however, we can observe the future that the specialists from the most modern robotics centres are opening up for us.


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