Industrial works in Polish enterprises

Apr 21, 2020

It is beyond dispute that robotisation is a tendency that is becoming increasingly relevant in industry. This also concerns Polish companies. While the Polish market is currently outperforming the Western countries, increasing numbers of Polish businesses decide to invest in innovative industrial robots, which enable them to work more efficiently and with greater precision. And this eventually translates into higher earnings.

Nowadays, the machining segment, which to a considerable extent is based on working with numerical machines, is developing very well. From year to year, this segment develops more and more dynamically. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that not only CNC machines are closely correlated with robotisation. Currently, machining machines, but also testing and quality control equipment are being modernized.

In this respect, it should be emphasized that it is easy to adjust the parameters of a specific industrial robot, e.g. the arm’s capabilities to a specific application. When ordering a robot, it is worth considering what working speed is desired and how much space is available in a particular production hall. If there is not much space in the hall and the production does not run in a very fast way, a satisfactory solution is to invest in cooperating robots with a specified lifting capacity. Or perhaps the company requires a precise, fast working robot and also has plenty of room? If so, it can opt for traditional industrial robots.

Excessive costs, concerns about modifications of the labour market, difficulties in finding qualified employees – all this is a certain problem in the process of introducing modern industrial robots in Polish enterprises. Yet an increasing number of companies are beginning to recognise the potential of robotisation. Primarily, robots can substitute humans and perform monotonous activities. Employees of the company can be delegated to more creative tasks. Notably, the benefits from the implementation of the robot make it worthwhile to bear the costs of retraining the personnel.


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