The latest trends in industrial automation

Apr 21, 2020

Industrial automation is a field that is currently developing at an extremely dynamic pace. In fact, it would be very difficult to identify a sector where new technologies are not involved. With the support of industrial automation solutions it is possible to successfully control both large machines and systems that manage personal data of employees.

It is unquestionable that modern industrial automation influences the development of several sectors. The most frequent solutions in the field of industrial automation are implemented:

  • for the manufacturing of innovative machines, especially when regular, detailed tests and inspections are required;
  • for repetitive activities that unnecessarily absorb employees;
  • in production processes, when significant attention is required to the dimensions and details of the manufactured items;
  • where it is essential to ensure a specific production standard;
  • in the mechanical and automotive industries, but also in metallurgy, construction, processing, etc.

Noteworthy fact is that more and more often advanced computer systems are managed by non-standard drivers. Increasingly innovative information and digital management systems are also being developed.

Industrial automation is developing very rapidly. This is particularly true for industrial software, the practical application of which allows not only a significant increase in production but also a significant improvement in the quality of manufactured products. Therefore, it is not surprising that a growing number of large companies (which can afford large investments) are interested in solutions improving the functioning of the company.

These new technologies enable the use of mobile devices that are definitely compatible with industrial programming. On the practical side, this means that with the help of a smartphone, it is increasingly possible to adjust the operating parameters of specific equipment, generate reports and even supervise production lines. It is enough to install an appropriate application on a mobile device to be provided with an access to visualization of processes that are ongoing in the organization.


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